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Thank you for visiting me today! I'm so excited that you're here. My name is Niamya; that's pronounced nee-ya-my-ya.  I am a new author with a lot to say. I'm originally from Houston, Texas, but I relocated to the east coast when I was four. I'm currently a high school senior and I am so grateful to have made it this far. Although I love school, there was a point in my life when I didn't feel that way. Everything seemed great up until my last year in elementary school when kids started bullying me. The bullying continued even after I transferred to a private school at the end of middle school year. At that point, it converted to cyberbullying by the same ole kids who had nothing better to do but to make me feel bad about myself. It was like my confidence and self-esteem were a shipwreck. It was so bad it landed me in the hospital many times due to major depression. In all honesty, those kids made me feel like there wasn't a place for me to fit in the world.

The bullying continued until my sophomore year, and that was when the pandemic hit. For me, the pandemic was a blessing because it gave me time to figure out who I was and what I was going to do to turn my life around. During that time is when I started writing my first book. That was when I decided to take a stand, turn my life around and make a change. 

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During that time I started my first of three books. In all honesty, the book idea was my mom's idea. She sort of bribed me with the latest iPhone. LOL!  Once I started writing, it was crazy because rehashing that whole bullying experience was so emotional. Even though I had moved on, I didn't realize how much hurt I still had deep down inside. I remember crying and becoming so emotional I had to literally stop writing. Then there were times I was laughing out loud when I recalled some of the fun memories. This process was therapeutic because writing my initial rough draft, and it was rather rough, allowed me to say everything I wanted to say. I was surprised at how many emotions I still had bottled up inside. Getting all of that out was a huge relief. My first book is one of my greatest accomplishments, and my hope is that it will help other students who are experiencing similar challenges.

One of my other great accomplishments was starting a YouTube channel (Niamya Simone). I created over seventy videos which were a mix of bullying advice, self-confidence boosters, make-up, fashion, hair tips, fun with family, and just a lot of teenage fun. I was devastated when my YouTune Channel was hacked and I lost just about everything with the exception of a few videos. That really hurts because I worked so hard on them and there was so much good and fun content. Lesson learned, always have a backup!

I am the youngest child with one brother who is on the autism spectrum. Til this day he is my best friend. My goal is to one day become a pediatrician. I am considering a specialty in mental health so I can help youth who have gone through traumatic experiences like me. Some don't believe bullying is serious, but I am here to tell you, bullying can make a person so depressed they may decide that life without them in the world would be a better place. With all the therapy and support, I am so glad that I realized that the world is a much better place with me in it!

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